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Full Service Blowdry Bar

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Blowout Question

What’s it like to get blowout at Salon Pavel?

At our salon, all blowouts include a shampoo and blow dry. Depending on your blowout choice they may also  include iron work (flat or curling). You can have a sleek and straight look with a straightener or lots of body and curl with a curling iron. It’s all included in your blowout service

Why should I get a blowout?

Quite often you don’t have a lot of time or ability to achieve perfectly polished and smooth hair, or you are on the go. That’s when there is nothing like the convenience of a Salon Pavel professional blowout. Depending on hair texture, density and — believe it or not weather conditions — our blowouts can last multiple days or as long as a week. Our experienced stylists will go above and beyond to educate you on how to get the most life out of your blowout

How long will my blowout last?

Each client is different so for some blowouts can last  two to three days and for others close to a whole week. Some of the most important determining factors are at-home maintenance, texture, and density of your hair and humidity levels we talked about above. Our stylists offer many techniques and products that can lengthen the life of your blowout, and even how to style your hair differently between shampoos.

How do I know what blowout is best for me?

Glad you asked 😉 This really depends on your hair type and in the end, it’s all about your personal style. Often, if clients have thick hair, they prefer a blowout that will leave their hair as smooth as possible, while clients with thin hair prefer more volume. All of our blowout stylists will recommend a style that will last the longest on you! There is also something to be said about trying different styles each time to see what works best for you.

In dry air climates styling products that are designed to hold hair in place typically work best.  They include gels,mousses, hairsprays and anything else that would hold you hair in place. However, if humidity is a factor then same products can become sticky and unpleasant to touch. Smoothing products such as oil and silicone based products typically work best to control frizziness and unwanted puff in the hair, due to exposure to moisture in the air.

General Questions

What are your hours?

We are open 7 days a week! From 9 AM to 5 PM on weekends, Mondays and Fridays; and 9 AM to 9 PM Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Do I need a reservation?

No, but we highly recommend it. We do welcome walk-ins, however, the last thing we want is for you to walk in and having to wait a bit for a next available stylist to do your blowout. The whole thing is supposed to be quick, right? Reservations are recommended because we do fill up quickly. Just call us at 201-568-5858 and we will be more than happy to book at a time convenient for you!

What is the difference between our Stylist Levels?

We believe each stylist has unique talents and their level and years of experience and education vary from stylist to stylist . We also consider their client base and how in-demand they are . All of our stylists are licensed cosmetologist in New Jersey.

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