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Hair Extensions … No longer just a dream

Hair extensions can lengthen your hair by up to 300% and add much more volume

Salon Pavel is proud to be home to the most advanced hair extensions specialists and true masters of their craft. Our hair gurus create amazing results over and over again as they work on each individual client until the perfection is achieved.

Based on years of our expertise we can comfortably guide all clients through a consultation  and  help them make the right decision  on otherwise confusing process of choosing the right application method and  match them with a perfect  hair extension manufacturer  that  will suit their needs best.

There are literally dozens of techniques on the market for getting longer and fuller hair.  We are trained and certified by a number of major worldwide recognized hair extension companies such as Great Lengths, Socap, Ultratress, Cinderella Hair , Microlinks and Tress Allure. We even went as far as developing our own  private  label  line  to  make sure that  our  clients  have   a complete choice  of  products  that matches any and all of their requests.

Our unique set up allows you to enjoy the ultimate totally private experience by having your very own VIP room.

Only you and your trusted Stylist will know the secret

Correctly installed a full head of hair extensions can lengthen your hair by as much as 300% and add much more volume.

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Envision having much longer, thicker hair that has lots of volume and feels totally real. Now you can achieve incredible results with new methods of adding hair which will give you a full-bodied, glamorous look that was once only available to Hollywood celebrities.




Permanent Hair Extensions vs. Clip-ons

If you can go to the mall and purchase clip on hair, why bother with the costs of real hair extensions?

Clip-on are sold at virtually every beauty supply store, promising to bring about natural looking hair just by snapping it in.  Salon Pavel offers a full line of clip- on extensions   and we strongly believe that there is a need for that service as well, however, clip-on hair extensions might not be right for everyone and the benefits of permanent hair extensions compared to clip-on might change your mind:

Natural Looking-invisible, soft, and little maintenance

Unlike clip-on, real hair extensions are fused with your own natural hair, bringing about an invisible appearance with a soft-to-the-touch feel that needs little maintenance. Many ladies call our salon and ask, why not just use a wig instead of the hair extensions treatments we provide?  Well, the major differences between the two are the look, feel, hair type, and longevity. The goal should be to have the extensions for your hair that are undetectable.

Customized Looks

Hair extensions come ready in a wide range of lengths and colors, up to 27-inch lengths. Color and texture matching can easily be performed to work with brunettes and blondes, as well as red heads, depending on the coloring you want to achieve. Yes, clip-on hair often comes in different colors, but is a long way from being custom. 


If your hair is one of your best aspects, you probably spend a lot of time brushing, blow drying and styling to get it to look its best. With results lasting up to six months, our hair extensions services are meant for anyone who wants change. A recent client stated When I look at the mirror, I feel sexy because I wake up with less tangles, and I don’t look like I have a bad haircut when I go to work!”

At Salon Pavel, we can give you fun styles that last a long time. Our hair extensions look and feel just like your natural hair, only they are much longer.


Convenient hair extensions at prices you can afford.

Call us today (201) 568-5858 to find out just how affordable beautiful hair can be.

Now you don’t have to be a celebrity to hire your own personal hairstylists to get the gorgeous, longer hair you have always wanted. Salon Pavel’s friendly specialists perform exceptional color matching, as well as highlights for the most discriminating clients who want personal attention.

Enhance your overall appearance with beautiful hair extensions which look so real that no one will know your secret.

Hair Extension Maintenance

So, you’ve just invested a good deal of money into your appearance and are probably wondering the some good tips for practicing hair extensions care. This advice was collected from professionals around the United States, with the goal of helping you keep your new hair looking beautiful for a long time. Please keep in mind this is extension care for professionally applied, Remy hair.

How to Wash Your Hair

While the bonding used to fuse your hair is very strong, it’s really important to use proper techniques when washing your hair extensions. Take extra time to soak your hair little by little, gradually applying a high quality shampoo going down to the ends. Try not to yank, pull or be too rough when cleaning your hair, as this can just wear the extensions down over time.  Of course, the salon stylist will be able to recommend the best products. Rinsing is also equally important. Simply allow warm water to softly flow down the hair until the soap is gone.

A common mistake people make with new hair extensions is excessively rubbing their hair with a towel. A better option would be to just pat it dry, rather than create difficult to comb tangles.


You’re going to hear lots of tips about what types of conditioners work best for hair extensions. Many stylists recommend buying a good quality leave-on conditioner. The most critical factor is to keep the hair healthy and soft through a good supply of nutrients. Another option is to simply purchase a nice spray on conditioner which can be used once you get out of the shower.  Hair extension slippage occurs when harsh chemicals are rubbed into the roots through repetition.


Now that you have much longer hair, you are going to want to know some solid tips for extension styling. The first thing you will need is nice wide paddled brush with soft bristles. Try to stay away from the fusion bonds all together during brushing. Many experts recommend starting at the bottom of the hair, using gentle down motion strokes, making your way towards the top.

Super long flowing hair has made a serious comeback over the past decade as a way for Hollywood celebrities and woman all over the world to express their beauty

What about Asian Hair?

Sooner or later, you’re bound to read all kinds of information about hair extensions for Asians. The myth goes something like this: Asian hair extensions are not as high quality as European or Indian hair. So called experts in the field from leading extensions websites try to push the idea that hair donated from Asian women is too thin or brittle to be used.

Sometimes it’s easy to believe things we read on the internet, especially when those who are in the business of selling hair online put out such claims. While it’s true that some Asian woman have fine hair, it’s also a fact that plenty of Asian woman have perfectly healthy, thick hair.

To believe these claims, one would have to believe that Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, as well as those from Korea all have the same genetics.

While DNA does factor into hair overall structure, it’s also true that diet and life style play just as crucial of a role as to its condition.  Did the person who bequeathed their strands consume plenty of protein rich food? What is the age of the person who donated their hair? These are simply impossible questions to answer without being there in person to see it donated.  In short, there is a myriad of factors which go into quality of hair.

If of course if you are an Asian woman who is thinking about having extensions done, just remember that this is a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone is fighting for your dollars. Russian, Italian and a host of other hair dealers depend on getting you to believe their product is best. This is pure psychological advertising.

A much more prudent concern is the experience of the hair stylists. Are they able to cut the hair properly after it’s been attached? Can they match the color and density of your natural hair?

Our strongest advice for anyone looking to use Remy hair for their extensions would be to just research the company who is selling it. Look around the web to read reviews, see testimonials and check out photos.  If you’re still not sure, simply ask one of our experienced stylists. Chances are they have no problem with using Asian hair.

Some More Insider Information

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Once applied, your new hair will be indistinguishable from your natural hair with dramatic results lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 months depending on Method used and your own hair growth rate.  Monthly touch-ups are recommended to maintain a full look.

What is the Cost for Our Hair Extensions?

The price of extensions mostly depends on how much hair you want. Since everyone has different needs, a one-on-one consultation with our stylist is required. Please see the prices page for more info.

How long does the process take?

We are much more interested in getting it right than rushing you through an appointment.  A touch up is recommended every few months to maintain fullness. Depending on your needs, the process can take anywhere between 30min to as long as 6-8 hours.

Call us at (201) 568-5858.

We are excited to take you and your hair to happily ever after.

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